What’s a Parrhesia?

Parrhesia is an event focused on inspiring and equipping the faithful with the tools and support they need to further the New Evangelization.

In his encyclical, Redemptoris Missio, Saint Pope John Paul II wrote:

Proclamation is inspired by faith, which gives rise to enthusiasm and fervor in the missionary… the Acts of the Apostles uses the wordspeak frankly revised parrhesia to describe this attitude, a word which means to speak frankly and with courage.

In this spirit, it is hoped that Parrhesia will inspire enthusiastic adults to boldly proclaim their Catholic faith in word and deed and, in turn, inspire others on their journeys of faith.

Parrhesia began in 2010 and we had our first event on October 22, 2011. In October of 2010, our planning team received confirmation from Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr that he was willing to participate in our event and that he had October 22, 2011 available on his calendar…just that date. In January of 2011, we decided to focus our event on Pope John Paul II’s vision of the New Evangelization. In April of 2011, the Vatican announced that the feast day of Saint Pope John Paul II would be marked on October 22 each year with the first celebration being October 22, 2011. It doesn’t get more divinely inspired than that! 

We are blessed to have the support of our Archbishop, the Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr, along with his willingness to be a very special part of our very special day. Each year he celebrates the Vigil Mass with us and then joins us for a Happy Hour Q& A.

Our Catholic faith is a gold mine of spiritual opportunities and we want every Catholic to know how to tap into that resource. Whether you want to learn to evangelize, be evangelized or just want to know what we’re talking about when we say evangelization – Welcome to Parrhesia!

Parrhesia is sure to be a graced experience for Catholic adults in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati!


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